Good advice and coaching via videos is here to stay. People all over the world use the internet to seek help and inspiration for personal development, both for private use and company related

Upload video in any language

IVIGGO’s platform and website is in English. But feel free to upload your videos in both English and your local language

Provide video coaching

IVIGGO's paying members need your profile and your inspiring videos, knowledge and messages

A good supplement

IVIGGO is a good platform for you as a professional coach and for future users looking for inspiration and help. Remember video coaching is here to stay

How does a video coach make money?

At iviggo you will be seen, heard and found in new ways and you will get traffic to your website which should generate revenue.

And when you recommend and attract customers to iviggo, you get commission from the turnover. And when your iviggo customers become ambassadors and recommend the service to others, both they and you get commission. You get commissions in 6 groups and as long that the customer invitation link start from you.

You will end up getting commissions from customers from all over the world. So it's a win win situation for everyone. This means that you can build a steady income in the future by letting your network work with you and for you.


becoming a video coach at IVIGGO is free.