About Iviggo

Inspirational video coaching 24/7 via your computer, tablet, and smartphone.

The people behind IVIGGO and the Danish partners, IT and software company TEO International, has a vision of developing over time a global visual video website focusing on personal development and growth and with startup in Denmark.

IVIGGO and TEO wants everyone to have the opportunity, in a simple and quick way, to have access to inspiration, good advice, guidance and insight.

Usually, getting personal coaching and advice can be expensive and time-consuming. With IVIGGO.com it is now possible and for an amount everyone can afford.

IVIGGO.com provides unlimited inspiration in professional and personal development through videos - directly on computer, tablet and smartphone.

Anyone can write to the expert panel with their challenges and they will respond with a video.
And it's Unique.

Simon Steenholm

Area Manager and founder of IVIGGO. Simon is also a mental trainer, life coach and TEDx talk speaker

TEO Intl

TEO A/S is a Danish software company, established in 2007. IVIGGO’s IT and Software partner.

Liselotte Lyngsø

Area Manager and Advisory board. Liselotte is a renowned futurist and consultant

Steen Bosebjerg

Area Manager and Advisory board. Steen is a speaker in sales and marketing and leadership

Anders Bircow

Area Manager and Advisory board. Anders is an actor, business minded and skilled coach

Accounting and financial advisor

Global Revision, Copenhagen Denmark, founded September 2001 owned by Henrik Johansen and Eddie Holstebro